Parade Chairman:
Jeremiah Williams
(209) 522-3066

Sponsorship Contact:
Jeremiah Williams
(209) 522-3066

Modesto Kiwanis Club & The City Of Modesto Present

Independence Day Parade


Entry Chairman:
John Field, DDS
(209) 480-1824

Media Chairman:
Savannah Williams
(916) 340-4606


These rules were established to help the parade move as efficiently as possible and to make the parade route a safer environment for those watching and for participants. Violation of any of these rules will disqualify an entry from being judged.

  1. Please listen and abide by any instruction given to you by the parade marshal anywhere on the parade route. Their job is to help move the parade through as quickly as possible. Be prepared to stop and move at any given moment.

  2. State law prohibits throwing of anything from your float. Items and/or brochures may be handed out along the parade route, at curbside, if prior approval is obtained from the parade committee. (No water or soda will be allowed to be passed out.)

  3. Once you enter the line of march, there is ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING for any reason, unless instructed by a parade marshal. Entries that stop in front of the judges’ stand or anywhere else along the parade route to perform, etc., may be disqualified for an award.

  4. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances is forbidden for any participant.

  5. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED for all riders of bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters (motorized or not), motorcycles, etc., REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE.

  6. Float height should be no higher than 15 feet to clear the streetlights.

  7. Do not move any barricades.

  8. Please be courteous and do not block any driveways to the police and fire departments.

  9. Return back to you staging area to breakdown parade entry.

  10. Each participating vendor must provide the Kiwanis Fourth of July Celebration Committee with the appropriate insurance certificates or a signed liability waiver.

Staging is 7am to 9am. The parade starts at 9:30am sharp!

You will be responsible for the safety of all personnel riding on, and in your entry, as well as those walking along side, and driving with your group.

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