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Jeremiah Williams

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John Field

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Ron Emerzian

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Savannah Williams

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Ashley Weaver

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Craig Haupt

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June 2020

My name is Jeremiah Williams and I am the chairman of the Fourth of July parade that is put on by the community committee’s members, the Modesto Kiwanis club and sponsored by the CITY OF MODESTO. It’s with great hope and understanding of our current COVID-19 status that we are presenting our protocols to a Patriotic celebration of our dear and wonderful country’s Independence Day celebration.

We have added precautions of social distancing along a one mile parade route through the downtown streets of Modesto, on July 4th. Our city has been fortunate to be able to celebrate the celebration for 147 years without interruption and it is the longest running July parade in the country. We have quietly and respectfully organized this wonderful event without publicity or advertisement on our website with the understanding of sudden change to the outcome.

Our protocol states 6 feet social distancing for entries as well as spectators. We will use disposable marked garbage cans every 12 feet along the parade route giving families to be separated from other families.

There is a mask/face covering contest giving opportunity for three winners the top prize of $300.

No food will be distributed or sold on the parade route without commercial packaging. The parade starts at 9:30 am concluding around 11:30 am. The staging area has been reduced to only 2/3 of our normal number (110) of entries for distancing purposes.

There will be NO all American festival at the conclusion of the parade this year. There will be no VIP Dinner celebrating and honoring our judge’s, sponsors, etc. the week prior to the parade.

We normally have 16 to 20 Porta pottys along the parade route which will now have separate wash stations for each Porta potty area.

Seven announcers along the route will continue to ask people to observe social distancing and then also to leave the area immediately following the conclusion of the parade.

Lastly we can’t thank you enough for your tolerance, understanding and participation to such an unwanted pandemic that has changed the way we eat, sleep and breathe. It is wonderful to see how many people and businesses are now able to resume with their lives, some having spent their lifetime achieving “The American Dream.”

So please help us to continue that dream and celebrate that dream on July 4, 2020.

May God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Jeremiah Williams, Parade Chairman

Loretta Menshew, Parade Secretary/Treasurer

Thank A Kiwanian:  Kiwanis Club of Modesto, and North Modesto Kiwanis

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